Case Results

There is an old saying in the law – “great facts, and great law, make great lawyers”.  In other words, any decent lawyer can achieve a large settlement or a big verdict when there is a lucrative insurance policy (or unlimited assets of a corporation) and the client’s injuries are catastrophic.  And, we have certainly done that.  However, more often than not, people are not injured by someone with unlimited assets or a high dollar insurance policy.  The facts may not be so favorable.  The law may be gray.  Often it is not entirely clear what injuries were caused by the accident.  Sometimes the amount of insurance available to cover the loss is not easy to figure out.  Many times the insurance company or corporation may refuse to pay any money whatsoever until a highly skilled trial lawyer takes them to task.  In these instances, it takes a GREAT lawyer to get GREAT RESULTS.  This is what we do day in and day out.

At the Tenge Law Firm our goal is to achieve the best possible result for our clients as soon as possible.  Some clients have injuries and medical treatment that requires a long term strategy, while others do not.  Each case and each client is different.  We work directly with our clients to pursue a case strategy that will result in the maximum recovery in a time frame which works with the client’s medical care and personal situation.

We have enjoyed great success, with exceedingly high client satisfaction, using this approach. Some examples include:

$1,350,000 (policy limits) – Auto accident case with orthopedic injuries to foot, ankle and leg

Our client was a married, mother of two on her way to work in south Denver when an oncoming vehicle crossed over the double yellow and hit her head on.  She sustained significant injuries to her lower leg, foot and ankle requiring multiple surgeries and hospitalization.  The key here was investigating the at-fault driver and uncovering all available insurance policies to compensate her for her injuries, damages and losses.  We were able to uncover three (3) insurance policies totaling $1.35M.  We obtained the full $1.35M in settlement for her.

$1,100,000 – Construction site accident

Our client was injured at a construction site due to a subcontractor negligently moving materials at the construction project. Our client subsequently developed severe Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (“CRPS”) as a result of his injuries. The subcontractor and its attorneys refused to acknowledge liability, but ultimately paid over 1 million dollars to my client three months before trial.

$1,050,000 (policy limits) – Trucking Accident with low back injuries

Long haul truck driver was rear ended by another big rig resulting in low back injuries, requiring surgery.  We utilized experts in the field of economics and vocational rehabilitation to establish that his earning capacity as an over the road truck driver was diminished due to his low back injury.  We were able to obtain a settlement for the limits of the insurance policies of $50,000 and $1,000,000, for a total recovery for our client in the amount of $1.1M.

$1,025,000 – Motorcycle accident case resulting in traumatic brain injury and orthopedic injuries

Our client was riding her motorcycle when an individual driving a F-250 truck pulled out in front of her. She sustained broken bones and a traumatic brain injury. The driver of the truck disputed liability and claimed that she was traveling too fast, when she was not. Ultimately, the truck driver’s insurance company compensated my client approximately 2 months before trial.

$1,000,000 – Auto Accident case resulting in death

Our client’s husband was tragically killed due to severe cranial injuries in an accident on I-70 when a semi truck collided with the vehicle and forced it off the highway. We obtained a settlement for insurance policy limits prior to filing a lawsuit.

$950,000 – Car accident with brain injury and orthopedic injuries

Our client and her husband were traveling from Montana to Denver to visit family.  While heading southbound on I-25 near Loveland they were rear-ended at a high rate of speed by a teen driver with a permit.  The teen’s father was in the car, but we established he wasn’t paying attention as is required of parents driving with their permit teen drivers.  Our client sustained a significant brain injury and some orthopedic injuries which actually resolved.   The insurance company offered nothing their first attorney nothing.  The attorney recommended she hire the Tenge Law Firm to take her case into litigation and/or trial.  After litigating the case in both Montana and Colorado, and preparing the case for trial, we were able to obtain a total of $950,000 for her from three (3) different insurance policies.

$812,000 – Auto accident case with low back injuries

Our client was rear-ended and sustained significant low back injuries. She required spine surgeries to correct the low back pain. The available limits under the applicable insurance policies was $600,000. However, our law firm was able to collect an additional $212,000, above and beyond the insurance policy, to settle a separate lawsuit initiated by my law firm against her insurance company for its bad faith in handling her underinsured motorist claim.

$700,000 – Motorcycle accident with orthopedic injuries

We had the pleasure of representing a man in his late 50’s who sustained significant injuries to his low back, hip and pelvis when another motorist turned left in front of him while he was operating his motorcycle in Northern Colorado.  He required emergency surgery and extensive hospitalization.  Before litigation, the insurance company offered an insulting $140,000 to resolve his claims.  Tenge Law filed a lawsuit and took on the insurance company for nearly a year.  We were very excited to be able to resolve the claim for our deserving client in the amount of $700,000 about 2 months before trial.

$675,000 – Trip and fall injury at retail store with fractured hip

Tenge Law represented a wonderful older woman who was shopping at a local retail store and tripped on what we saw as an obvious and open hazard existing on the premises.  We brought a premises liability claim for her trip and fall injuries, damages and losses.  She had surgery and was confined to an inpatient facility for many weeks.  The retailer originally denied liability for her fall, but we ultimately resolved the claim for $675,000 for our extremely deserving client.

$600,000 (policy limits) – Rear end car accident with lower back injuries requiring surgeries

Obtained the full policy limits ($300,000 from the other driver) and $300,000 under an underinsured motorist policy for our client, a young woman who was rear ended by another driver in Fort Collins.  She sustained serious low back injuries, as well as neck and shoulder injuries.  Her low back injury necessitated several surgeries.  The underinsured motorist insurance company originally offered her $0 to resolve her claim.  Tenge Law Firm obtained the full $300,000 policy limits.

Other results include:

– Multiple settlements for the insurance policy limits of $100,000 to our client with neck/back injuries.

– Multiple settlements for insurance policy limits of $100,000 to our clients with injuries to their shoulders or knees.

– Multiple settlement for insurance policy limits of $100,000 to our client with a variety of other accident-related injuries.

– Multiple arbitration awards which exceeded policy limits of our client’s uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage.

– Multiple settlements for the insurance policy limits of $250,000 to clients with neck/back injuries.

– Multiple settlements for the insurance policy limits of $250,000 to clients with brain and head injuries.

– Multiple settlements for the insurance policy limits of $250,000 to clients with other types of accident-related injuries.

– Multiple settlements for the insurance policy limits of $200,000 to clients with neck/back injuries.

– Multiple settlements for the insurance policy limits of $200,000 to clients with brain and head injuries.

– Multiple settlements for the insurance policy limits of $200,000 to clients with other types of accident-related injuries.

– Over $5 Million recovered in each of the last 3 years.

– Nearly $30 Million recovered in the last 7 years alone.

Make the Right Choice. Hiring an attorney to represent you or a family member after an injury is one of the most important things you will do.   Your future, and your family’s future, depends on your choice.  The lawyer you choose makes a difference.  Choose carefully.

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