Case Results

There is an old saying in the law – “great facts, and great law, make great lawyers”.  In other words, any decent lawyer can achieve a large settlement or a big verdict when there is a lucrative insurance policy (or unlimited assets of a corporation) and the client’s injuries are catastrophic.  And, we have certainly done that.  However, more often than not, people are not injured by someone with unlimited assets or a high dollar insurance policy.  The facts may not be so favorable.  The law may be gray.  Often it is not entirely clear what injuries were caused by the accident.  Sometimes the amount of insurance available to cover the loss is not easy to figure out.  Many times the insurance company or corporation may refuse to pay any money whatsoever until a highly skilled trial lawyer takes them to task.  In these instances, it takes a GREAT lawyer to get GREAT RESULTS.  This is what we do day in and day out.

At the Tenge Law Firm our goal is to achieve the best possible result for our clients as soon as possible.  Some clients have injuries and medical treatment that requires a long term strategy, while others do not.  Each case and each client is different.  We work directly with our clients to pursue a case strategy that will result in the maximum recovery in a time frame which works with the client’s medical care and personal situation.

We have enjoyed great success, with exceedingly high client satisfaction, using this approach. Some examples include:

$575,000 – Auto accident resulting in orthopedic injuries

​Our client was injured when a vehicle pulled out in front of him from a parking lot and caused a T-bone accident. Our client re-injured his right ankle, which had been injured prior to this crash but was exacerbated by the trauma of the auto accident. The insurance companies involved tried to blame the right ankle injuries on the client’s pre-existing issues with his right ankle. Ultimately, we made the insurance company take responsibility after filing a lawsuit and compensated our client with full policy limits for the exacerbation/aggravation of his prior right ankle injury.


Obtained a total settlement $525,000 by determining there were a total of 3 insurance policies which covered our middle-aged, self employed businessman who suffered a concussion, headaches, neck and back pain and a knee injury from a car accident.  The case settled after significant litigation.

$525,000 (policy limits) – Wrongful death automobile accident

We had the distinct honor to represent a young mother whose husband was killed in an auto crash in Northeast Colorado.  The difficulty was both the other driver and our client’s husband were speeding excessively down back country roads when the collision happened.  The other driver’s insurance company argued “comparative fault”.  We were able to resolve it for our client and her children during litigation for the full amount of both insurance policies ($500,000 and $25,000).


After filing suit and handling the case to within a couple weeks of the trial date, Tenge Law obtained a $520,000 settlement for a cyclist injured in a car accident who suffered multiple orthopedic injuries.  Available insurance limits were $600,000.  The insurance companies offer before Tenge Law filed suit was $75,000.


Obtained a $500,000 trial verdict in favor of our client who was a young professional that was injured in an automobile accident and suffered a soft tissue neck injury, with headaches, TMJ and business losses.  The insurance offer before trial was $25,000.

$450,000 –

$450,000 – GM Airbag lawsuit recovery for a young woman who sustained serious lower leg injuries when her airbag failed to deploy in a head on crash.

Tenge Law filed a young woman’s case in Multi District Litigation (MDL) against General Motors, GM, for auto product defects. Specifically, the GM ignition switch in her Saturn was defective, resulting in complete airbag deployment failure. Despite several law firms declining her case, Tenge Law was happy to represent her against GM and get her a sizeable recovery for her orthopedic injuries to her leg, despite the fact the accident was her fault. TLF believed that airbags ought to function properly to prevent injury whether the driver is at fault or not.


Our client was hit by a car while crossing the street in downtown Denver.  She sustained a severely fractured leg, requiring surgery.  We obtained a policy limits settlement with the at-fault driver’s insurance company, then obtained an additional $200,000 by making a claim against her auto insurance underinsured motorist policy, for a total of $450,000.  We resolved her health insurance lien of nearly $110,000 for $20,000, put all that extra money in our client’s pocket.

$425,000 (policy limits plus) – Motorcycle accident with orthopedic injuries to legs and shoulder

Our client was severely injured when an elderly driver turned left in front of him.  He was a young professional in his late 20’s at the time, and was forced to undergo multiple surgeries and extensive hospitalizations.  The challenge we faced was there was simply very limited insurance of only $125,000.  Further, the health insurance subrogation claim was well over $400,000 – which would have completely depleted any recovery for him.  Through extensive litigation against the at fault driver in which he ultimately contributed $300,000 from his personal bank account, and months of negotiations with the health insurance subrogation company, we managed to obtain $425,000 for our client and reduce the health subrogation claim by 70%.


After filing suit and getting within a month of trial, Tenge Law obtained a policy limits settlement for a woman involved in a car accident who sustained multiple neck and back injuries, including thoracic outlet syndrome, requiring surgery.  We made claims and received all available insurance money on 3 different insurance policies.


We won a hard-fought settlement after over a year of litigation for a woman who slipped and fell on a small, clear substance and sustained a fractured hip (requiring surgeries) while shopping at a big box retail store in Brighton.  The big box retailer completely denied liability before we filed suit, and refused to pay anything.  They persisted in this denial, but ultimately paid our client $375,000.

Other results include:

– Multiple settlements for the insurance policy limits of $100,000 to our client with neck/back injuries.

– Multiple settlements for insurance policy limits of $100,000 to our clients with injuries to their shoulders or knees.

– Multiple settlement for insurance policy limits of $100,000 to our client with a variety of other accident-related injuries.

– Multiple arbitration awards which exceeded policy limits of our client’s uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage.

– Multiple settlements for the insurance policy limits of $250,000 to clients with neck/back injuries.

– Multiple settlements for the insurance policy limits of $250,000 to clients with brain and head injuries.

– Multiple settlements for the insurance policy limits of $250,000 to clients with other types of accident-related injuries.

– Multiple settlements for the insurance policy limits of $200,000 to clients with neck/back injuries.

– Multiple settlements for the insurance policy limits of $200,000 to clients with brain and head injuries.

– Multiple settlements for the insurance policy limits of $200,000 to clients with other types of accident-related injuries.

– Over $5 Million recovered in each of the last 3 years.

– Nearly $30 Million recovered in the last 7 years alone.

Make the Right Choice. Hiring an attorney to represent you or a family member after an injury is one of the most important things you will do.   Your future, and your family’s future, depends on your choice.  The lawyer you choose makes a difference.  Choose carefully.

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