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When you ride a motorcycle in Colorado, whether for fun or as a primary means of transportation, you may be an absolute stickler for safe riding yourself, but there is little you can do about drivers who have little concern for the lives of others on the road. They may engage in behaviors that put others, especially bikers, at risk of injury or death in a motorcycle accident by texting, talking on the phone, driving while impaired, speeding, running through stop lights or signs, or a myriad other types of reckless, careless, or hazardous driving behaviors. A motorcycle rider is clearly more vulnerable in a crash than people traveling in a car or truck; a biker has an estimated 35 times greater likelihood of being killed than a car or truck’s occupants.  For these reasons it makes having the legal representation of an experienced and successful motorcycle accident lawyer in Fort Collins, CO that much more important.

Nationwide, 4,857 people died in motorcycle accidents in 2012; another 93,000 were injured. If you’re a victim of a Colorado motorcycle accident caused by another driver, you may be able to recover compensation for your injuries with the help of a Fort Collins, CO motorcycle accident lawyer.

When you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident, you may find that there is a lot of bias against bikers, especially on the part of insurance companies, who often take the default position that if you ride a motorcycle, you are a risk taker and therefore likely to be the cause of your own injuries.

Motorcycle Crash Causes

In reality, a majority of motorcycle accidents are caused by other drivers. Cars making unsafe left turns are the most common cause of crashes with motorcycles. Two-thirds of motorcycle accidents happen when a motorist turns into a lane in the path of an oncoming bike, violating the rider’s right of way.

Motorcycle crashes are also commonly caused by cars failing to signal or check behind them as they change lanes on a highway, or by cars weaving in and out of lanes at a high speed, cutting off a motorcycle and precipitating a crash.

Road hazards are an additional cause of motorcycle crashes, including:

  • potholes
  • broken or irregular pavement
  • construction debris
  • fallen branches or objects
  • gravel on the pavement
  • spilled oil
  • separated truck tire treads

The Department of Transportation or other government entity responsible for road maintenance may be found liable for accidents caused by road hazards.

Motorcycle Injury Types

Motorcycle injuries can be serious, painful, and life-changing, including :

  • brain injuries
  • spinal cord injuries, paraplegia, and tetraplegia
  • herniated discs and spinal fractures
  • internal organ damage
  • fractured and crushed bones
  • joint, tendon, and ligament damage
  • lacerations
  • road burn
  • scarring

The Importance of a Top Rated Fort Collins Motorcycle Accident Law Firm

Whether your accident was caused by another driver or a government department that failed in its obligation to maintain safe road conditions, you should form a relationship with a Ft. Collins, CO auto accident attorney with a great deal of experience with this type of case. Your lawyer will need to understand the sometimes nefarious tactics that insurance companies use to avoid paying liability claims, especially when the injured person was on a motorcycle. Because injuries are often of a catastrophic nature, damages may be high. Spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries in particular come with high medical costs and lost earnings, and a lifetime of personal assistance needs. Insurance companies have an arsenal of methods available to try to avoid having to pay a fair settlement, so you will need an experienced, smart, and aggressive attorney to protect your interests and your right to fair compensation.

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To protect your right to a full and fair recovery, contact the Fort Collins Tenge law firm today and schedule a free consultation to learn about your legal options. Time to file is limited, so don’t delay!