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Top 20 Private Investigators Answer: “How Can A Private Investigator Help Build Your Personal Injury Case?”

Thu, June 23, 2016

personal-injury-header2611-e1449157116308 In a personal injury civil trial, the burden of proof relies on you and your attorney. Therefore it is necessary when considering filing a lawsuit to start building on the preponderance of evidence early--and this is where the need for a private investigator comes in. To give you an idea, we asked some of the best Private Investigators in the country: "How Can A Private Investigator Help Build Your Personal Injury Case?"

Average Number of Americans Who Reoffend on a DUI

Fri, June 10, 2016

You have probably noticed the high rotation of anti-drinking and driving advertisements in the media and have wondered if this is still a significant concern in America. More than any previous generation, we have introduced drug and alcohol awareness programs in schools and culturally, the efforts to prevent driving while impaired are more socially acceptable. So why do we still see this heavy barrage of preventative advertising?

The Impact is Huge

The frequency of driving while under the influence is still a huge issue in our society. In the United States alone, more than 1.3 million arrests occur each year for driving under the influence inci