scholarship award in fort collins colorado

Tenge Law Firm LLC is pleased to announce the launch of its scholarship content for College and High School students. This is a highly coveted scholarship given to outstanding and students who are pursuing a course in Law, Political Science, Sociology, Criminology and Media Studies. An award of $1000 will be given to the winning candidate.

Tenge Law Firm LLC launches this scholarship as a gesture of giving back to the community by helping out deserving individuals in the community.

Who is Eligible for this scholarship?

All scholarship candidates must be:

  • This scholarship is available for both high school and college undergraduate students
  • This scholarship is highly favored towards students who are pursuing a course in Law, Political Science, Sociology, Criminology, Media Studies or other law related courses.

How to join:

  • In order to join the scholarship, the candidates must fill up the form below.
  • Each candidate is required to submit a 500 to 1,000-word essay on why they want pursue a career or course on Law, Political Science, Sociology, Criminology, Media Studies or any other law related course or career.

Additional requirements:

  • Application attachments (essay) should be in Word or PDF formats only.
  • Applications should only be sent through the fill up form.
  • Once a winner is chosen, he/she must send a copy of his/her official transcript for their most recently completed semester of school.

Scholarship Application

Award amount: $1000

Application deadline: The contest deadline is December 15, 2017.

Privacy Policy:

Applicants agree to allow Tenge Law LLC to contact them via phone or email and/or contact their respective schools for confirmation of academic status and to share any essay under consideration on Tenge Law’s website.

Questions and Clarifications

For questions and clarifications please send a message through the contact form above.

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